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A PSA About 'Biters'.

Some people bite their Pull 'n' Peel Twizzlers instead of pulling and peeling them. These people are the worst.

For the love of god, Please Pull 'n' Peel your Twizzlers.


Our PSA will go out to show the world what these sorry excuses for people look and sound like.

Out in the World

These people are out in the world hiding in plain sight. We must get the word out in whatever way we can.

Letting the world know about the existence of 'biters' is an important mission. Our message will go out in stores that carry Pull 'n' Peel Twizzlers, on packaging, on street corners, even online to bring awareness of the plague known as 'biters'.

Merch for Pull 'n' Peelers
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: Molly Mccarvill

Merch will exist for the people who do in fact Pull 'n' Peel their Twizzlers so the world knows that we won't stand for the intolerance of 'biters'.