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A Platform for Uplifting Queer Communities Through Celebration and Everyday Support.

Our world has always been divided along a gender binary. Over half of the Gen Z population knows someone who identifies as non-binary. There are people who are underrepresented in our society because of this.


Create a brand whose purpose is to affirm the identities of transgender and non-binary individuals.


Our brand, Revel, uplifts non-binary and trans communities through adult gender reveal parties, inclusive greeting cards, community events, and online resources.


Wanting to uplift queer communities isn't always a party. Revel's first concern is the wellbeing of the transgender and non-binary communities.

Our online service aggregates trans and non-binary content from across the web and lists resources for trans/non-binary people and the people who love them.


A collection of resources to find support and educational materials—lists resources for trans/non-binary people and the people who love them.


Curated stories from other news and content sources—aggregates trans and non-binary content from across the web.


When it's time to party, Revel offers a gender reveal party-in-a-box for non-binary and transgender adults.

Box includes: banner, confetti balloons, cake mix, pronoun pins, kazoos, invitations, games.


In addition to support and products, Revel will conduct tours around the United States bringing our platform to local communities. The purpose of this is to shed light on existing non-binary and transgender conversations and to bring together people of like values to celebrate these communities as a whole.

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