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Bringing the Power of Game Informer Magazine to Gamers Where They Are.

Game Informer is the fifth most circulated magazine in the US while also being the top magazine for all things gaming.

It is sold in-store at Game Stop locations because the company wants to reach gamers where they are: game stores.

As the gaming community modernizes, gamers no longer purchase in-store, preferring to download games from the comfort of their homes.

With the future of game retail changing, how does Game Informer survive?


Game Informer can continue to use their current model of reaching gamers where they are.

As gamers are no longer in-store, they can be reached online, on gaming platforms, and at eSports events.


As the most reliable source of information, tips, and strategies for gamers, reading the magazine could mean the difference between life and death. 


This campaign will run on mobile, online, and gaming platforms. Through apps like Instagram, users will experience life flashing before their eyes and the possibility of dying a horrible death without the help of Game Informer.

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Gamestop locations and eSports tournaments will display posters and elements of the campaign, bringing it to

life IRL.


Integration into videos games is moving to the forefront of advertising. Video games are hosting full virtual concerts, having scavenger hunts for real-world products in digital spaces, organizing virtual protests, and even creating branded skins for characters to wear.


Speaking to gamers in these engaging ways makes the connection between brand and gamer feel more genuine.

Gaming Platforms

Game Informer is currently available to read online and by purchasing the physical magazine.


We will bring Game Informer to gamers on their preferred gaming platforms such as Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch. You can download the Game Informer app and read away.


Making the magazine available on alternative platforms is a step towards keeping Game Informer at the forefront, but doesn't specifically target gamers when they are actually playing in-game.


We've created an overlay of tips to be displayed in-game so gamers can use the information Game Informer offers live when they need it most.


This overlay will only be available to players with a Game Informer subscription.

Game Partnerships

A major revenue stream for Game Informer is advertising video games in magazine.


We will leverage Game Informer's current video game partnerships to create scavenger hunts in-game that will drive users back to our website to purchase subscriptions.

Collecting all the letters will result in subscription discounts and exclusive in-game merchandise.


eSports is an emerging field of broadcasted video game tournaments on a professional level. eSports tournaments get more views and bringing in similar revenue to other broadcasted sports events such as Sunday Night Football or the NHL Playoffs.


Game Informer, as the top source of game know-how, should sit at the top of eSports commentating and be represented at eSports competitions.

By sponsoring an eSports team, Game Informer can advertise through branded merchandise used exclusively by the team.


Part of the purpose of our eSports sponsorship is to get our magazine further ingrained in the gaming world. Our players will be decked out in branded merch, getting our name into gamer households.

Merch will be available online and in brick-and-mortar stores, while also being advertised in Game Informer magazine.


As our team rises through the ranks, so will merch sales.

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: Arthur Olivarez