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An Excursion into a Third Dimension
Just a Little Taste
Duck Donuts

Duck Donuts is the only donut shop where donuts are made to order.


Want everything but the kitchen sink? Duck Donuts is here, Custom Made for Your Mouth.

Can't decide between rainbow or chocolate sprinkles? You don't have to. Duck Donut, Custom Made for Your Mouth.

A plain jane donut with just marshmallows? They may not stick, but no problem. Duck Donuts, Custom Made for Your Mouth.

Stand Alone Projects

Since I've found my passion for 3D, I just can't stop designing. These are some fun projects I've created independent of the campaigns I worked on through the Brandcenter.

I also found a way to bring my childhood passion, Pokemon, to life in my 3D work.​


Bacardi wanted us to create a Bacardi summer experience. What better to do that than to get sucked into their premium fruity flavors.


Carvana wanted us to come up with their next steps as a company. All other online car buying companies focus on functional benefits.


We wanted to shift Carvana in a more emotional direction. This campaign made Carvana the fun way to buy a car.

1.) Carcade - A car arcade with Carvana cars. This activation would launch at SXSW.

2.) Parklette - A scalable version of the Carcade. Carvana would rent parking spaces in participating cities to engage with people in physical locations.

3.) Keychain - One of the most enjoyable experiences Carvana offers its customers is a car vending machine. Customers purchase their new cars with gigantic coins. We want to make replica token keychains as a keepsake to give to all drivers who purchase Carvana cars.

Burger King

Burger King is known for having relevant branding during the Halloween season. This year they were looking for new ideas to continue their presence in the Halloween market. The spookiest way to do that is to drive to college campuses with food hearses, coffin-shaped burger boxes, and a hearse x Lyft partnership.

Soda Stream

SodaStream has become known in the industry for making sparkling water eco-friendly and convenient, but the time has come for SodaStream to market itself in a new way.


Being known as eco-friendly or convenient is not enough. SodaStream also offers an extreme variety of flavors, including unlimited flavor combinations.


To highlight this unique brand offering, we have launched a campaign to bring to life a variety of flavor worlds.

SodaStream. Your Flavor, Your World.


Pull 'n' Peel Twizzlers are the best version of Twizzlers. Some people buy these Twizzlers and bite them instead of peeling and pulling them. They are awful people.

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Game Informer

Game Informer is a magazine and the source for all things gaming. It's so important it can mean the difference between life and death. This is a social example of life flashing before peoples eyes.

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